Policy on Occupational Safety and Health

In our organization, we understand that OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH is a right of workers and should be an integral part of the values embraced by individuals within our organization.

Our commitment to service, based on proximity, technical expertise, and workplace safety, has led us to adopt a management model certified according to ISO 45001:2018 and implement an Occupational Safety and Health Policy that is built on the following principles:

  1. To understand, meet, and exceed the needs and expectations of our workers, as well as comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  2. To communicate any incidents that may occur in the provision of services to our clients and contractors as early as possible, minimizing their impact on safety.
  3. To continuously improve the efficiency of our occupational safety and management processes, enabling us to be competitive by striving for zero accidents within our organization.
  4. To involve our personnel and value their contributions in maintaining safe working environments, while pursuing continuous improvement in occupational safety and health.
  5. To commit to contributing to the improvement of occupational safety and health conditions and complying with legal requirements for risk prevention.

As a result of this approach, our efforts are focused on various areas of action, including:

  1. Continuous improvement of the professional development of our staff through training programs.
  2. Continuous improvement and technological innovation of our facilities to make them the most advanced in the industry, aiming to prevent occupational accidents and illnesses.
  3. Our commitment to ongoing review of our Occupational Safety and Health System, ensuring its constant alignment and suitability with the demands of a changing market and the interests of stakeholders, including employees, clients, shareholders, and suppliers, to enhance our competitiveness.

Barcelona, April 8, 2021


David García and Olga Garcia