What is Compliance?

Compliance refers to the fulfillment of obligations, either by legal mandate or as a result of the voluntary adoption of standards by CastelOmega.

Who is responsible for Compliance?

A true culture of Compliance requires the participation of all individuals who are part of CastelOmega. To support the maintenance of this culture, the Compliance Committee has been established, consisting of a commission with 5 union links (1 in Administration and 4 in the workshop) in charge of ensuring respect for the obligations affecting CastelOmega.

How to report possible non-compliance?

CastelOmega provides its members and third parties with the Ethical Channel, a tool for reporting any violation of legislation, CastelOmega’s Code of Conduct, or any other internal regulation.

Communication with the Ethical Channel is confidential, and data processing is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the current personal data protection regulations.

What is the internal regulation regarding Compliance?

At the heart of CastelOmega’s regulatory compliance culture is the Ethical and Conduct Code, which establishes the expected behavior guidelines for all members of CastelOmega. In this sense, it is expected that all employees, managers, and individuals associated with CastelOmega comply with said Code, as well as all other relevant regulations.

CastelOmega has implemented a Criminal Compliance Management System with the aim of structuring an environment that favors the prevention, detection, and early management of risks related to Criminal Compliance. Additionally, it seeks to reduce the unwanted effects in case these risks materialize, thus contributing to promoting an ethical culture and respect for the law among all members of CastelOmega, in all applicable areas.