Our experience in motor repair is extensive and well-established. We are specialized in the repair of servo motors and asynchronous motors. The list of electric motor brands we have repaired reaches up to 500 references.

Our repair services include not only the rewinding of motors if deemed necessary, but also various other causes and problems such as re-insulation, commutator replacement, turning or milling of parts, motor balancing, electric motor bearing replacement, magnetization, repair of magnetic poles, control and repair of electrical circuits, brakes, shaft repair, and overall repair of all components that make up an electric motor.

Additionally, we offer Siemens servo motors and other brands, both new and refurbished, with full warranty.

Operations that can be systematically performed or
independently based on problem diagnosis and detected damages.
In case of a malfunction after our intervention, CastelOmega will take care of the warranty.


Complete verification

Initial diagnosis with data collection

Full disassembly

Cleaning of all components

Control of all elements



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