SD2S-FPAM: nuevo modelo con una potencia de salida de 1.5 kVA

These days SIEB & MEYER supplies the first devices of series SD2S-FPAM with a power output of 1.5 kVA and single-phase power supply. With the new model the company reacts to the increased demand for frequency converters that can operate high-speed spindles in the power range up to 1.5 kVA@230VAC.

The existing models of SD2S-FPAM are designed for the operation of spindles with 3.8 kVA@230VAC or 15.9 kVA@400VAC – these devices are overdimensioned for spindles in the lower power range, though. “We received so many requests in this regard that we decided to expand the SD2S-FPAM series by a third model,” Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG, explains. “The new design is optimally suited to the lower requirements – in terms of price, power as well as construction volume.” Target markets are drill applications as well as small turbo compressors, whereas the device can operate asynchronous and synchronous motors with rotating field frequencies up to 8,000 Hz, i.e. 480,000 rpm with a two-pole motor design.

The frequency converter family SD2S-FPAM is generally characterized by highest speeds, lowest motor heating and best control performance. The control always works in real time. Technically these drive amplifiers are based on the established pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) that allows operation at highest speeds without additional motor chokes. On the basis of this technology SIEB & MEYER developed two extremely robust and sensorless control methods: V/f PAM for asynchronous motors and FPAM for synchronous motors. Parameter setting is very simple for both methods and only few motor data are needed to complete the configuration. The existing standard devices are also used as technical basis for customized devices. This way, the customer obtains an optimal solution that is adapted to the specific application.