Service of motor repair

All the operations listed below are not made systematically, but performed according to the problems detected in the motor.

CastelOmega will take over the warranty if there are problems after the intervention.



  • Complete verification
  • Initial diagnostic with data collection
  • Complete disassembling
  • Cleaning of all the parts
  • Control of all the parts

Detailed specifications about the repair service:

  • Induced and magnet rotor
    Re-insulating, drying, rewinding, collector change, milling, turning, grooving of the collector, balancing and bearing change.
  • Wired stator, magnet stator and inductor
    Control, cleaning, re-insulating, drying, rewinding of the auxiliar poles, compensation poles, coils in series, varnishing.
  • Rear panel
    Cleaning, re-insulating, machining, brush plate change, change of the brushes, setting of the brushes and the neutral.
  • Magnetic poles
    Magnetization and repair of the magnetic poles, re-insulating of the magnetization electric circuit.
  • Tachogenerator
    Control, revision and repair of the electric circuit, substitution, wiring control, remagnetization of the poles and mechanical repair.
  • Brake
    Control, setting, substitution and electrical and mechanical repair.
  • Signal emisor: encoder, resolver. P3
    Control, setting, reconditioning, substitution and wiring repair
  • Connections
    Repair or substitution.
  • Shaft
    Dimensional control, rear and front shaft mechanical repair, mechanization per fused metal coats, adjustement of the keyway, mechanization of the seat of the bearings, manufacturing of new shaft and balancing of the rotor.
  • Forced ventilation
    Verification, disassembling, cleaning, reinsulation, drying, stator wiring, bearing change, connection change, assembling and tests.