Crupo Castel

CastelOmega is a company dedicated to the repair of servomotors, backed up by our 20 years of experience in the field.

We understand that the quality of the service is a right of the client, thus we count with technical and comercial departments to offer you the attention you deserve.

Facility in Barcelona

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Facility in Madrid

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CastelOmega is a company with a solid experience in the repair of servomotors for the industry in general.

The CastelOmega’s management commitment is to develop the quality policy, communicate it and revise it for its continuous adequacy, with the goal that it becomes the reference framework for the whole company.

For this, we will base our quality policy in the following principles:

  • The client is the essential element and the raison d’être of our company. Therefore, knowing his/her necessities and opinions is fundamental for us. With that purpouse, we will have the maximum communication with the client.
  • An important part of the satisfaction of the client lies in the quality of the service. Our commitment is to reduce the possible deviations acting preventatively to fulfill the requirements.
  • All the activities developed in CastelOmega must be concieved and executed working towards the satisfaction of the client. The quality is responsibility of everyone.
  • Our providers contribute in a meaningful way to fulfill the needs of the client. It is essential to keep a good cooperation to go forward in this aspect.
  • The continuous efficiency improvement in the quality management and its processes is a warranty for the future. Our objective is to reduce the errors and causes that produce them introducing preventive frameworks.
  • To assure the CastelOmega’s leadership in the market, with competitive prices, we will improve steadily to reduce the non productive costs implementing the modern concepts of quality.
  • The employees of CastelOmega are the maximum value of the company. For that reason, the management will provide training for the improvement of their capacities, and the necessary resources to carry out their job.